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It is correct that having 23rd and 24th both going southbound and then sort of merging at Bainbridge means that 24th is somewhat under-used. Also, all northbound traffic coming up Grays Ferry must turn right at Bainbridge and then turn again at 22nd to go north. That puts a lot of traffic onto 22nd, and it also means that often there is a backup on Bainbridge (for those who only want to continue eastwards), in part due to the poor timing of lights. This change would mean that northbound traffic could continue north to Lombard.

But, some of the commentators have a good point. How was the Fitler Square Neighbors Association consulted? (And I don't recall CCRA surveying its members on this). What was the position of the Philadelphia School. Also SOSNA's comment about pedestrian safety is bizarre. First, one sees very little pedestrian traffic at 24th and Bainbridge. So there doesn't seem to be much of a pedestrian safety issue (and in the last year a traffic light was put on that corner which I assume helped the situation). Second, ssince there is little car traffic on 24th at the current time it would seem to be safer now for pedestrians to cross at 24th and Bainbridge than it will be in future (if the direction of traffic on 24th changes).

Bottom line: this should be studied more carefully, and more groups that will be impacted should be consulted.

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